• Full Well System Management

    By 2040, world population is expected to reach 9.2 billion people, up from 7.4 billion today. Billions of people are expected to join the global population and water needs will continue to evolve and grow, making the water systems we run more and more important in terms of both production and water conservation, as well as reliability.

    Rising living standards for expanding populations mean a growing dependence on reliable water.

    Our comprehensive approach to managing your well systems ensure they are running effectively and producing water at the capacity you need.  Most systems are highly customized and tailored to the customers specific water needs.

    Not all well systems need to run at capacity all the time, and many well systems are producing at lower capacity than is needed and can be helped.  Full Water System Management includes everything you need down hole, above ground, electrical, plumbing, and water quality.


  • Maintenance Programs

    A preventive maintenance program can help you prevent problems, and can help you build and maintain the technical, managerial, and financial capabilities of your system.  It can enhance public health protection, improve your system’s reliability, and reduce the costs of maintaining your water system.

    Customers enrolled in our (Advanced Maintenance Program (“AMP”) get all the benefits of our company at a fraction of the cost.

    We help you develop schedules and requirements for monitoring and reporting, provides technical assistance and site wide training to your operators, and provide the maintenance and documentation for you.  Task and log files provide a schedule of routine operation and maintenance tasks, as well as security measures that can be taken as normal operation as maintenance activities are completed by Advanced Water Well Technologies.

    Based on your system’s requirements and state regulations, you can add, subtract, or modify tasks and logs from your AMP enrollment.


  • Pumps, Motors, Components

    Advanced Water Well Technologies supplies a full line of equipment and solutions designed for large scale municipal, commercial, agricultural, and Oil & Gas, and water utility applications.  With a focus on sustainable technology, water and energy conservation, and cutting edge technology, our customers stay ahead of the curve.

    One thing we see in the market is companies recommending all new equipment all the time.  When they see something wrong with your system, they see dollar signs and they almost always recommend replacement.  That replacement lasts for a year or two, then they’re right back again with the same recommendations for replacement.

    Sound familiar?  Advanced Water Well Technologies repairs first, salvages what can still be used, then helps you replace the individual parts that need replacing.  We give you customized recommendations that align with your goals and budget, instead of using  “broad stroke” methods where a company replaces everything periodically.


  • Full Scale Well Rehabilitation

    Keep your wells and water systems up and running at full capacity with comprehensive rehabilitation and repair methods.  Our rehabilitation methods are a demonstration of the commitment we have to excellence put into action.  Rehabilitation methods include:

    • Pull and Inspect Pump, Motor, and Components
    • Down-Hole Video Survey
    • Acidizing
    • Chlorinating
    • Agitating
    • Patching Casing
    • Re-Lining
    • Brushing / Scratching Casing
    • Airlifting
    • Jetting and Sonar Jetting
    • Set Repaired Pump, Motor, and Components
    • Provide Comprehensive Completion Report


    After rehabilitating your well, it’s very common to get back to your original pumping capacity or above those levels.  Think twice before you drill your next well.

  • Engineered Projects

    Underestimating project complexity is widely accepted as one of the major causes of project failure.  How you deal with the inherent uncertainties linked to the length and scale of engineered water systems and well projects and their constantly changing environments will ultimately determine success or failure.

    So how can you, an engineer with a technical background, improve your project performance?  Advanced Water Well Technologies partners with engineering firms and resident/city engineers to help write specifications and develop higher value and lower impact solutions for well and water system managers.

    Choose a company with the skills needed to successfully manage engineered projects.  We know what it takes, and we’ve done it before.  More often than not, Engineers come to us for help with project specifications and fully and accurately scoping a project from start to finish.

    First we focus on the early project phases, which are crucial to achieve project success within the project process and context, then we look at potential risks and changes to the scope, come up with a agreed on plan, then execute.  We make you look good.

  • Pipe and Casing

    Advanced Water Well Technologies offers a full range of Galvanized, Stainless, PVC, and NSF Approved Epoxy Coated Pipe for casing, column, and other piping needs in your water well, water plant, and water movement needs.

    Infrastructure sustainability matters.  We focus on industry leading technology, suppliers, and methods to continuously develop and deliver high quality and extensively field-tested pipe and casing that equates to a longer lasting, more sturdy and sustainable water system.

    Advanced Water Well Technologies works to reduce the cost of your pipe and casing, while maximizing water productions and sustainable capacity.

    We repair first to salvage what we can continue to be used to help keep your costs down.  Advanced Water Well Technologies performs well re-lining, casing repair, and patches holes in your casing.  We help you spec, size, and measure to granular detail in order to ensure the pipe you have and the pipe we are installing works seamlessly with your system and maximizes production system wide.


  • Down Hole Recovery

    Otherwise known as “fishing”, Advanced Water Well Technologies helps customers to recover items and “save” wells where items have been lost down hole and are obstructing the well and screen.

    We employ industry leading methods to recover items, so no matter how hopeless it seems, give us a call before you give up or drill a new well.

    We’ve seen almost everything you can imagine at the bottom of a well.  Tools, pumping equipment, piping, personal items, screen that has dropped and blown up into a tangled mess resembling a slinky in a blender.  We’ve seen it, we’ve fished it.  We would put our fishing team up against anyone out there.  Anyone.  We often talk about having a well competition each year where we put our guys up against anyone out there and perform live, and hope to make that come to life one day.

    We take fishing operations seriously and can usually recover the well at a much lower cost than drilling another one.  Before you drill, give us a call.


  • Down Hole Video Survey

    Advanced Water Well Technologies’ professional working platforms provide a state-of-the art operating center down-hole video survey and inspection.  With our own industry leading, brand new, state of the art survey equipment,  you’ll get a digital copy of your comprehensive well survey with our documented and thorough findings and recommendations.

    Our survey equipment combines high-tech designs with rugged construction and durable materials and includes video cameras, powerful transporters, portable inspection systems, lateral evaluation systems, and vehicle-mounted systems that provide a professional working platform that will provide you with every detail you need when inspecting your well.

    How does this help you?

    When you need a video survey, you don’t need to wait on third parties and pay their markups.  Our Survey Technicians are trained to survey your well to the smallest detail and provide accurate and responsible findings and recommendations.


  • Sampling & Chemical Analysis

    Water Sampling and Chemical Analysis allows our customers to thoroughly inspect for contamination and water quality to help determine treatment optimization as well as analyzing water samples to verify health-based and aesthetic standards are being met. Your water chemistry analysis will bring a previously unattainable level of sensitivity, speed and precision to your water analysis.  All reports come with detailed method descriptions, including reagent make up, flow diagrams, and specific application notes, as well as detailed multi-panel results.

    Advanced Water Well Technologies provides full scale and comprehensive support, instruments and methods for water sampling and chemical analysis meeting the latest regulatory requirements. The facilities we use are well supported by a network of water quality specialist all aligned at helping your organization achieve the highest water quality results.

    We provide full scale comprehensive water sampling and chemical analysis, partnering with labs and regulatory agencies of all kinds to help our customers adhere to all contaminant and chemical standards.

  • Plugging

    Groundwater is without questions one of our most precious resources. Protecting the quality of this vital resource is the responsibility of all Water Systems Operators.  Abandoned and/or deteriorated wells serve as direct conduits to your groundwater or aquifer. The contamination can affect water wells in the area including those used for drinking water.

    Advanced Water Well Technologies employs leading technologies and methods to plug and seal abandoned or no longer functioning wells.  We know what it feels like to have an aquifer authority require you plug a well to specific standards and within tight time frames while providing ample documentation and licensing.

    We take care of everything for you, including the creation of comprehensive plans and specifications, removal and disposal of components, provide disinfected gravel, class A cement, removing sealing blocks and casing, logging, and pressure cementing.  Dry well?  Artesian well?  Either way, no problem.