06 January 2020

Comprehensive Solutions to Bring Your Wells Back Online and Producing Like they Used To.

Before you drill a new well, call us.

Advanced Water Well Technologies offers full well rehabilitation, which can bring your wells back online and producing like they used to.

Often times, we’ll get your well producing at higher levels than the original well after it was drilled.

That’s right, our industry leading methods and technologies often being wells back online and producing more than they originally did.

More Gallons per Minute (GPM). More water.


How does it work?

Well production levels decrease over time as build up occurs on the well casing, well screens, and pumping components.  Well components can also lose integrity, suffer from punctures and decay, and changes in aquifer conditions.

Production loss can cause your well to produce only a fraction of what it was designed to pump.  Optimal pumping conditions can be achieved with Advanced Water Well Technologies rehabilitation methods, which include:

  • Pull and Inspect Pump, Motor, and Components
  • Down-Hole Video Survey
  • Acidizing
  • Chlorinating
  • Agitating
  • Cleaning the aquifer area surrounding your well
  • Patching Casing
  • Re-Lining
  • Brushing / Scratching Casing
  • Airlifting
  • Jetting and Sonar Jetting
  • Resetting and Re-Sizing Repaired Pump, Motor, and Components
  • Provide Comprehensive Completion Report

Our licensed expert technicians and project managers are ready to show you how cost effective and reliable well rehabilitations can be.

We show up to every job site licensed, badged, uniformed, drug screened, and background checked.

Let us show you a better and more cost-effective way to maximum production. Give us a call today, or email us at info@awwtec.com!