01 October 2019

Advanced Water Well Technologies wants to help you save time and money.

Advanced Water Well Technologies wants to show you how you can save in electricity, well system maintenance cost, and workforce expenses with dynamic pump optimization and automation software.

Do it from your phone.

The right software can help extend pump life, make your well system more efficient, and keep you in the know with real-time information on your mobile device, all while saving you an average of over 10% on your electricity bill.

Software can be used in place of SCADA, stacked on top of SCADA, or used in any number of configurations.

The right software allows you to see in real-time how your pumps and water distribution systems are performing.  Let us show you how you can see your actual real-time pumping conditions and production levels, compared against your manufacturers original pump curve.  This allows you simultaneously see both what the manufacturer intended, and what your system is actually doing side-by-side.

Optimization software alerts you when your pumps and systems need maintenance or repair before catastrophic damage occurs, allowing you to save big.  Increase lifetime and prevent unplanned outages with predictive asset management.

Automation software allows you to maximize efficiency by selecting the optimal combination of pumps and speeds to maintain level or pressure with a variety of constraints. Pumps run within their preferred operating ranges to minimize energy consumption without causing cavitation or other damaging effects.

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