Agricultural Water Well Services

Advanced Water Well Technologies knows that Texas farmers’ and ranchers’ livelihoods depend on the consistent and dependable availability of ground water resources.  Advanced caters to the critical needs of these vital members of our community by offering quick response times, expert pump repair or replacement, and water well rehabilitation services.

Pump Repair Services

Advanced can repair all makes and models of well pumps.
  • Gear drives
  • Electric motors
  • Diesel engine servicing
  • PTO, clutch, and drive shaft repair

Well Rehabilitation Services

Advanced experts can custom design a water well rehabilitation project to fit your needs and budget by utilizing any one or combination of the following:
  • Down-hole video survey
  • Sonar jet well screens
  • Remove sediment from bottom of well bore
  • Scratch casing and screens to remove mineral buildup
  • Acidizing
  • Patching holes in existing casing
  • Relining and gravel packing existing well bore
 If you’ve been told you need a new well drilled, call our skilled professionals for a second opinion.  We may be able to extend the life of your well for considerably less than the cost of a new well.  It’s possible to reduce or eliminate sand production by installing a new liner with stainless steel screen.This process will minimize the effects of silting and wear on your pump.